Cycle of Back Pain

Break the Cycle of Back Pain

There has been some new research released that turns this belief on its head and suggests that acute low back pain is actually caused by the reoccurrence of some underlying issue that has not been repaired. This means that if you have an episode of acute back pain that it may be more of a “flair up” of some deeper pain or damage that is unrelated to the low back pain.

There is still some research to do, of course, to dig deeper into this new theory although the findings are pretty interesting and can possibly help you find some relief and a treatment for your back pain. The researchers wrote that “whatever initiates the pain usually subsides but remains capable of repeating the cycle again.” suggesting a clear pattern for recurring and even worsening back pain.

If you are suffering from episodes of acute low-back pain, then we suggest giving us a call to book an appointment as soon as possible so that you can get back to experience the relief that you’re hoping for to alleviate acute low back pain by practicing healthy habits to break the cycle.
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