Chiropractic care can boost your immunity

Chiropractic treatments have been relieving musculoskeletal pain for ages. Researchers are now beginning to look at additional ways that chiropractic care may improve overall health. New studies suggest that chiropractic adjustments can improve how the immune system functions, even in patients without pain. The immune system is the body’s line of defense designed to fight off bacterial and viral infections. Having a strong immune system is vital to your life and health.
Chiropractic care specifically corrects spinal misalignments. Misalignments of the spine can put pressure on the nerves and this can cause stress and interference to the nervous system. So, messages being sent from the brain to the body don’t get sent properly. Chiropractic adjustments correct spinal abnormalities thus relieving stress from the nervous system and allowing it to function properly.

Researchers examined the effect of chiropractic treatments on a protein involved in immune response. The study involved several participants with no current symptoms of pain. The participants were split into three treatment groups, receiving different types of chiropractic treatment all on the same day, with blood samples collected before the treatment, several minutes after, and two hours following the treatment.

They compared before-and-after blood samples to determine whether the treatment correlated with an increase in the levels of certain antibodies and found that participants who did chiropractic treatments had increased immune levels following treatment. After two hours, these patients still had elevated immune levels. This suggested that chiropractic treatments could prepare the body’s immune system for faster response to new infections. They concluded that chiropractic adjustments may alter the functioning of the immune system and improve overall health.
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