Chiropractic Care Can Improve Balance and Coordination

Unless you are tumbling over every step, balance and coordination is likely an overlooked part of your fitness schedule, although you should include it in your training just as much as you do strength and endurance exercises. Today you'll discover how chiropractic care and treatments can help improve your balance and coordination.
In science class you likely learned how your balance and coordination are controlled by many different parts of your body, primarily your eyes and your ears. Your senses pass on valuable data to your muscles via your nerves so that you can move about without falling down. As we age, these senses deteriorate and, as a result, balance and coordination suffer. Improving your balance and coordination can make anyone at any age feel more healthy and fit and should definitely be considered as part of any health program.

The thing is that there are many aspects of your body that can affect your balance and coordination, including your spine, pelvis, etc. as well as your age and diseases. Chiropractic treatments aim to adjust these misalignments that can impact your balance and coordination so that you can achieve optimal balance. Chiropractic care addresses these global problems and adjusts the body, improving balance and coordination.

When the spine is not in correct alignment, it is said to be in subluxation and one cause of this can be from another problem compensating that misaligns your spine. For example, if your neck is misaligned and your lower back compensates, then this compensation leads to lower back pain that you may experience while you may not even feel any issue with your neck. Regular visits to your chiropractor can help relieve you of these problems and ultimately improve your balance and coordination.
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