Chiropractic Care that Can Help Your Bursitis

Excessive rubbing of bones, joints and soft tissues over the bursae is often the cause of bursitis, especially if those areas of the body are out of alignment. Many times, the muscles and joints of people with bursitis tend to become misaligned as a result of the discomfort or pain that the condition brings and this can cause muscle stiffness from the uneven wear and tear in the joints.
Bursitis is an extremely painful situation and most patients are unable to bear the pain of the condition, furthermore, to function properly with it. The condition is also worsened by factors such as tight muscles, abnormal foot biomechanics, bad postures, irritated nerves and more. Chiropractic spinal and joint manipulations, along with various alternative treatments, can assist in getting your musculoskeletal structure re-aligned, allowing the body to heal itself without medication or surgery necessary.

There are manual adjustments and manipulations that chiropractors can use to help take the major pressure off the tendons and the bursae. We’re going to show you how these treatments can help to ease your pain:

  • They can decrease inflammation.

  • They can relieve pain.

  • They can promote fast, natural healing.

  • They can re-align the body’s overall structural balance.

  • They can repair the root cause of the bursitis.

  • They can better the biomechanical condition of the joints, bones, muscles, spine, connective and soft tissues.

  • They can lower the body’s risk of future flare-ups of bursitis or future injuries.

  • They can restore the function of the body’s central nervous system.
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