Chiropractic Therapy for the Symptoms of Bursitis

Bursitis is a very painful and uncomfortable condition to the people who have the misfortune of experiencing it. It is usually as a result of inflammation caused by the excessive rubbing of the joints, bones and soft tissue, over the bursae.
If your body parts are out of alignment, they’re most likely going to be prone to bursitis. Along with misaligned joints, there are other factors like tight muscles, poor posture, irritated nerves and abnormal foot biomechanics, which may play a part in bursitis.

Chiropractors are usually going to use a number of methods to help figure out what exactly you’re experiencing. They may question you about your symptoms, question you about your work/leisure activities, do neurological tests, do orthopedic tests or X-ray examinations.

With chiropractic care, you can get some relief with the use of spinal/joints, along with alternative treatment methods to help your body realign itself and heal up, without the use of medication or surgery. Chiropractic manipulations can do the following:

  • Offer pain relief

  • Decrease the inflammation of the area

  • Stop the condition from becoming aggravated

  • Realignment of the body’s overall structural balance

  • Find and fix the root cause of the bursitis

  • Speed up the healing process

  • Improve the spine, joint, muscles, soft/connective biomechanical functions
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