Chiropractic vs. Medical Care: Quick Back Pain Recovery

Chiropractic can be an effective way to help people recover and prevent back pain, but many people still choose to see a medical provider for back problems. However, research has discovered that a chiropractic visit is a viable choice.
A study on the spine was done recently with over 100 volunteers who were all experiencing some type of lower back pain. Each person was given one of three treatments: Manual-thrust manipulation (MTM), mechanical-assisted manipulation (MAM), or usual medical care (UMC).

Manual-Thrust Manipulation Wins Overall
When the treatments were finished, persons who received MTM showed a significant advantage in treating back issues than others. MTM patients also showed reduced disability of their injured area when treatments were completed. Overall pain levels were reduced in 94 percent of MTM patients, while MAM had 69 percent and UMC had 56 percent.

It was concluded that MTM had greater short-term reductions in self-reported pain and disability when compared to the others. So for patients who wish to have care that doesn’t involve drugs, manual thrust manipulation should be offered as an effective therapeutic alternative.

Safe and Effective Treatments
Chiropractic treatment is safe, effective and involves specific manipulations known as adjustments. Adjustments free joints that are not moving properly, realigning them with muscles will help ensure that the spine and nervous system are “working properly.” Adjustments are combined with deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, mobilization and sometimes ultrasound therapy.

Before you take any treatment your chiropractor will give a diagnosis and explain what’s wrong in detail. You’ll be given a breakdown of how many treatments you will need and how much it will cost you. A program will be tailored to suit your needs.

For preventive care regular check-ups/MOTs are designed to go along with your original course of treatment and maintain your health. Depending on your original complaint and lifestyle, your chiropractor may recommend regular follow-up to prevent future relapses.
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