Chiropractics and Cholesterol?

Most of us have become increasingly concerned about our overall health and wellness, especially as we progress in age. High cholesterol is a very common concern. So many people suffer with it, but don’t want to have to depend on cholesterol medication to control it because of the serious side effects it may have, yet they love in constant fear of the risk of having heart attacks or strokes.
Widely used cholesterol-lowering medications are statins. This medication tries to fix the cholesterol problem by causing the body to stop making cholesterol in general, instead of improving the body’s natural ability to rid itself of high amounts of bad cholesterol.

You can naturally lower it by doing things like using more cholesterol-lowering foods, ensuring that your digestive system can absorb all these foods properly and evaluating your spine for subluxations (misalignments).

You can use foods like oats, beans, nuts, fish and some fruits (apples, strawberries, grapes and citrus).

You can also take a look at your stool. See if it looks dark brown. The darker the brown, the more bile it contains. Bile is made up of cholesterol (which is needed to aid in digestion because it synthesizes bile acids). If your stool is never really this colour or you are constipated or have diarrhea, then your digestive system is not removing enough cholesterol from your body, causing it to build up.

Now the spine isn’t something you think could affect your cholesterol, but it can. Basically, a healthy spine alignment results in a healthy nervous system. A healthy nervous system would result in a healthy well-functioning liver. Such a liver can do its job well and, therefore, keep cholesterol levels down.

We know that your spinal cord is the last thing you thought could affect your cholesterol but, believe it or not, it does! We can help you with a check up to see if this is one of the problems affecting your cholesterol.
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