Heart Attack

Chiropractics Can Help Prevent Heart Attacks

Heart attacks are a really scary thing to deal with. Some people can die instantly, and some can recover but will have to change their whole lifestyle to compensate for the traumatic experience their body endured.
More than 1 million Americans are affected by heart attacks every year. A heart attack, which is scientifically termed a “myocardial infarction (MI)” is the death of tissue in the heart muscle because of a lack of blood supply to it. It is a permanent state of damage to the heart. So what does this have to do with chiropractics?

Well, research has indicated that having chiropractic treatments can help:
  • Lower blood pressure

  • Reduce heart rate

  • Relieve chest pain

  • Support the cardiovascular system

  • Prevent heart attacks

There is even anecdotal evidence that shows that adjustments of the first cervical vertebra or adjustments of the atlas may help stop a heart attack in its tracks! If you are having a heart attack during a chiropractic session, the chiropractor can gently manipulate the atlas and this may help alter the outcome. You would still need to seek emergency service to ensure your full recovery, though.

Still, the work of chiropractics is amazing, especially in a life-threatening situation like that! Make use of this new information. Get treated today!
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