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Getting Older Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Stay Active

We see it a lot where people question if chiropractic treatments make sense for your improved health as you age. Ask yourself if you want to be active and flexible as you age and the answer is "of course." In addition to helping with specific health issues such as spinal disease or injury, chiropractic care can help keep you active as you age.
Chiropractic care can help keep you feeling and living young!
As you age you become more and more vulnerable to certain medical conditions. This isn’t easy, especially when your mobility decreases. This is even worse for people with spinal conditions. However, recent research suggests that engaging in regular chiropractic care may offer some relief to seniors with spine-related issues.

Research has been conducted to try and figure out the difference between senior citizens who only used medical treatments versus those who received chiropractic care over a period of time. Participants were tested based on their ability to bathe, sit or stand from a chair, dress, eat, and walk across a room. They were also asked to assess their level of difficulty with specific activities such as lifting, reaching, stooping, walking and more. What that research revealed was that the individuals who engaged in some form of chiropractic had fewer limitations when trying to function. The also had the lowest number of hospitalizations or doctor visits. It was concluded that chiropractic was having a somewhat “protective effect” against physical deterioration.

Chiropractic patients were also more satisfied with their care during the initial treatment as well as in follow-ups, it’s affordable and good chiropractors provide adequate information about their condition. Engaging in chiropractic offers many benefits to seniors, allowing greater functionality and increased happiness.

You be the judge, does chiropractic make sense for your improved health as you age? Do you want to still be up and about even as you age with a minimal decrease in your quality of life? You likely do. So, you should experience the benefits of chiropractic treatments today for a healthier life as you age.
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