Weight Loss

Is Reality TV Giving You the Wrong Message about Weight Loss?

According to Natalie Ingraham of the University of California, reality TV shows about weight loss are sending the wrong message to viewers. Ingraham has studied the TV show "the Biggest Loser," which sends participants to a weight-loss ranch where they perform various lifestyle changes for diet and exercise excessively.
The participants on the show end up losing a lot of weight – some even losing 10-15 pounds per week, which is much higher than the recommended amount of 1-2 pounds per week. While the reality TV participants have accomplished some pretty amazing things in terms of their overall fitness and weight loss, the problem is that these shows send the message to viewers that you can lose weight like they see on TV in the same period of time.

This is problematic because the average person cannot replicate the exact same routines as the show's participants because on the show the participants are able to devote 100% of their time and attention to the fitness schedules, eating habits, etc. without having to work or manage other responsibilities that the average viewer will have to do.

The end result is that viewers attempting to achieve similar weight loss goals ultimately end up depressed and feeling defeated when they are unable to shed the unwanted pounds at the same pace as the participants on "the Biggest Loser" reality TV show.

It would be far better off if the show were coupled with some realistic advice for viewers about how they can accomplish their weight loss goals safely and effectively. Overall the show is entertaining but should be watched with caution, noting that the show does not offer a "formula" or "strategy" for real weight loss.

Also, we encourage you to work out responsibly and integrate regular chiropractic visits into your routine to help you maintain a healthy body on the outside and the inside for a well-balanced healthy lifestyle.
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