It’s true. Exercise can make you smarter.

We are all well aware of the physical benefits of working out and exercising and physical fitness should be as much a part of your routine as regular chiropractic care visits in order to maintain great health. While there are countless benefits for your physical body, you may be surprised to learn that exercise can actually improve your cognitive abilities too!

Exercising Is Great For Your Brain Power
Recent research has shed a lot of light on the brain development in people of all ages and there has been much advancement in training programs geared towards improving your brain power as well as a host of other things such as memory, reaction time, navigation skills etc. There are many programs out there designed to help you improve your cognitive abilities such as Lumosity; however, there are other ways to explore in order to generate similar results.

Some new studies suggest that exercise may play a very important role in your brain development and maintaining your cognitive skills and abilities. Researchers examined participants in a study of women with fibromyalgia to determine the effects of an exercise routine on their working memory. The research team employed functional MRIs to measure the participants’ brain activity levels during a memory test.
Some preliminary tests were conducted to generate a baseline and after that, the women stopped taking their medications. Once the participants stopped taking their medications their memory test scores were lower. This was expected once they stopped their medications. The interesting thing is that after a six-week aerobic exercise program their scores returned back to normal levels and continued without resuming the medication they were previously taking. Furthermore, the women reported that they experienced less pain with the exercise regime in place.

More research is definitely needed to discover the true benefits that exercise can have on cognitive abilities although these results are very encouraging and you should definitely incorporate a workout routine into your schedule alongside regular chiropractic treatments for your pain and spinal maintenance to maximize your quality of life.
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