Remove Your Headache

Let Our Chiropractors Remove Your Headache!

Are you tired of debilitating headaches ruining your day? Or are they actually ruining your life? You can’t get anything done when your head starts pounding; your head’s been pounding for days. All you can do is sleep or pop pills as temporary fixes. That isn’t normal, quality living. You’re suffering from stress headaches. Certain foods, poor sleep ergonomics, emotional stressors and physical stressors are all contributors to stress headaches.
Here are some simple tips that we think will help you along your journey to a life not controlled by headaches:
  • Talk to a Chiropractor: Remember, a badly aligned spine can be the cause of headaches, along with other issues. When you consult a chiropractor, you can get a thorough examination and analysis of your spine and nervous system and then he or she can work with you to address the cause of your issues (no drugs included).

  • Hydrate Yourself: Maybe you need to get hydrated. It is said that about ¾ of Americans are chronically dehydrated. This can cause your headaches. You need to remember to drink about 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. You can use lemon or cucumber to make it a little more interesting to drink. Walk with your bottle of water everywhere.

  • Don’t stress so much! Not only does this cause your constant headaches, but it also contributes to health risks. Relax. Learn some stress management techniques, recharge with healthy physical activities, etc.

  • Naturally reduce inflammation: Eat foods which are whole and unprocessed. Eat foods like nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. Stay away from artificial sweeteners, additives and MSG.

  • Do a “food sensitivity test”: Pay attention to the foods that seem to trigger your headaches easily. These are what food sensitivities are. When you realize what foods trigger your headaches, you can stay away from them.

Try these steps and see how well they work for you. If you want to see a chiropractor to help you out with this headache problem, then give us a call.
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