Reconsider Sciatica Surgery

Back pain is no joke! Neither is surgery!
Unfortunately, surgery is what many sufferers of sciatica decide to do, in hope that it ends the tremendous pain that the ailment brings. The name of the surgery is microdiscectomy and it has successfully relieved many people with sciatica.

However, recent research has suggested that this decompression surgery isn’t the only relief for sciatica. Chiropractic treatment can be just as effective in some instances. Researchers wanted to be sure on that, so they conducted a study to see how effective the treatment was.

  • They recruited 40 sciatica patients who were still in pain even though they had already tried different methods of alleviating their pain, such as “painkillers, lifestyle changes, massage, and acupuncture”.

  • Half of the patients were randomly assigned to surgery and the rest were assigned to receive chiropractic treatment.

  • In the surgery group, 85% of participants reported significant pain relief.

  • In the chiropractic group, 60% of participants’ pain clearly improved.

  • “Those in the chiropractic group who later decided to have surgery experienced the same rates of improvements as the initial surgery group.”

The researchers concluded that chiropractic adjustments may not solve each sciatica case, but that it should still be considered an option before considering surgery, which has various potential risks. Chiropractic treatment is a great way to improve your back pain condition and your nutritional health too.
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