Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens Can Benefit From Chiropractic Care

We love our seniors and we think that life at that age should be as comfortable and as pleasurable as possible for them. Pain and limited movement should not engulf the daily lives of the elder folks in our communities. That’s why we want to make sure that our beloved seniors are fully aware that chiropractic treatment is an available option for them.

Chiropractic care can offer seniors the following:

  • Pain Relief: It is extremely effective in the treatment of spinal-related conditions. Chiropractors can accurately identify and treat misalignments on spinal vertebrae (known as subluxations) and their effects on the nervous systems.

  • Improved Movement in Spine and Extremities: As people get older, their range of motion is no longer as flexible as it once was. Chiropractic care can improve that, causing an increase in their ability to move. It’ll help them with all sorts of things, like bending over, stretching up or lifting their legs.

  • Better Coordination and Balance: Degeneration of the cervical spine (which is the neck region) or injury can hamper an aged person’s ability to balance or coordinate.Chiropractic can help to stimulate joint receptors in the cervical spine and thus restores balance and coordination.

  • Lessens Joint Degeneration: A misaligned spine can wear away much faster than a normal, healthy one and this is very painful. Chiropractic care can normalize the spine alignment and reduce spinal stress, thus aiding in the reduction or slowing down of spinal degeneration.

  • Less Likely To Fall: Since chiropractics “[normalizes] the mechanoreceptors of the cervical spine” or, in other words, improves coordination and balance, it results in a much less likely chance of a fall and of bone fractures.

  • Wards off Nursing Homes: The better senior citizens feel and the more able they are to move around and care for themselves, the less likely it is for them to end up in a nursing home (thanks to chiropractic care).

  • Healthier Feeling: Seniors who are chiropractic patients may have a better sense of health and well-being. They can have more energy, they can sleep well, and they may have an overall improved quality of life.

Don’t waste any more time! Tell your loved ones about it – it can help improve their lives.
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