Six New Superfoods You Need to Try Now

Have you been feeling a little tired lately and void of energy? Have you eaten enough kale that the sight of another piece makes you a little queasy? You're not alone, and there is hope because there are six new superfoods out there that you need to start trying right away!
Try these superfood nutritional powerhouses in your next meal!

So, what are these amazing superfoods?

  • Cacao nibs
    Make extraordinary baked goods or trail mix by adding a quarter cup of cacao and benefit from 9 g of fibre that will also help maintain a healthy heart with incredible antioxidant properties as well.

  • Kumquats
    Power up on your fibre with only five kumquats for an impressive 6 g of fibre. Kumquats are tiny citrusy fruits that are rich in vitamin C and you can enjoy them as a snack on their own as a whole fruit or you can also peel and enjoy like you would with an orange.

  • Hemp hearts
    Supercharge your granola or smoothies with 3 tablespoons of hemp hearts for a whopping 10 g of protein as well as iron and omega-3s!

  • Nori
    With only 10 calories per sheet of this delicious seaweed, you'll benefit from the excellent source of protein as a garnish on your rice bowl or soup.

  • Pomegranate
    Spice up your next salad with some pomegranate seeds tossed into the mix, and you'll benefit from all of the vitamin K and vitamin B that pomegranate has to offer. These vitamins are great for strengthening bones and fighting off diseases.

  • Manuka honey
    This is a great and delicious superfood that you can drizzle over some yogurt for a great tasting snack that will give you a boost throughout the day. The natural antibacterial properties in Manuka honey will also help you survive the flu season and keep you healthy.
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