Stay Hydrated over the Holidays with 3 Tips to Drink More Water

We all know how important it is to drink water and to stay healthy; however, with the holidays and all of the various beverages we consume from wine and champagne to egg nog and holiday punch, it is crucial that we stay properly hydrated.
We have all heard that we need 8 cups of water a day. While we may not be exactly certain where this originated from, this is definitely a good goal. With the increase in the consumption of holiday spirits and beverages, it is also a good idea to try and achieve 8 cups a day during the holidays.

Interestingly, while our bodies break down faster without proper water intake, usually in a matter of days, some people can live for a week or two without food. This is to stress the importance of water in your daily diet, and you should definitely increase your water intake if you will be drinking alcoholic beverages over the holiday season.

To make sure you stay hydrated this winter here are 3 quick tips to help you drink more water:

  • Always have water available.
    Like most things, when we don't see water, then the chances of consuming it are drastically reduced. It is much easier to consume more water if you have bottles prefilled and readily available throughout your home.

  • Keep it cold.
    If you are like most people who prefer cold water, then the trick is to keep your water cold while having it readily available. You are enticed to drink it because it doesn't need to cool down and is already the perfect temperature for you to consume right away. Interestingly, though, room temperature water is absorbed by your body much faster than cold water because your body has to use energy to heat up the cooler water to absorb. So if you are looking to hydrate quickly, then warmer water may be the better route to choose.

  • Choose water in restaurants.
    If you are dining out this holiday season, then opt for water with your meal. It is okay to have a glass or two of wine, but for each one you should match with an equal number of glasses of water to ensure you stay hydrated.

We want to wish you happy holidays and a safe and wonderful time with all of your families, and we want to encourage you to stay hydrated during the holidays.

We'll see you after the holidays for your regular chiropractic care visits in Stouffville to ensure your overall health is maintained and you feel good. Call us for an appointment today.
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