This Superfruit Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Did you take your lycopene today? You may have without even knowing it. If you have eaten a green salad with some freshly chopped tomatoes, then you definitely got a very healthy dose of lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant. Your salad helped to lower your blood pressure in a major way. You may not have known, but the tomatoes in your salad are great for lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of developing heart disease.
Studies Show Tomatoes Are Great For Lowering Blood Pressure
Recent studies at the Soroka Medical Center in Israel took a look at the progress of participants who were being treated for hypertension that were not responding well to medications that they were prescribed. Dr. Esther Paran had some of the participants ingest a tomato extract supplement to monitor the progress and effects this fruit would have on the patients.

The results of the study concluded that the lycopene in the tomatoes caused a significant drop in each patient's blood pressure in as little as four weeks. The lycopene in tomatoes is so effective that it is even a main focus of hybrid tomatoes that are genetically modified to have higher concentrations of lycopene to create a more powerful superfruit that can transmit the life-saving benefits to those who eat tomatoes.

The recommended dosage of tomatoes is 4 per day to have a significant impact on your blood pressure and lower your risk of heart disease. It may be difficult at times to consume four whole tomatoes per day so it is a great idea to start looking into some recipes that involve tomatoes or adding tomatoes to some of your existing meals, even just as slices with some pepper as a side dish. You can also look into drinking tomato juice that contains the perfect amount of lycopene to benefit from.

Some of us may not like the taste of tomatoes, and that is okay. If you want to experience the same benefits, then a 200 mg supplement provides the equivalent of more than the recommended dosage of four tomatoes per day.

Add Tomatoes To Your Diet Today!
However you slice it, adding tomatoes to your diet can reduce systolic blood pressure by 10 points and diastolic pressure by 4 points as was evident in the study performed at the Soroka Medical Center, and increasing your daily intake of tomatoes will help to strengthen your immune system and lower blood pressure while reducing your risks of developing heart disease.
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