Good Posture

Useful Tips for Teaching Children Good Posture

Good posture means good health. Unfortunately, so many of us have trained our bodies so badly at a young age that it becomes extremely difficult to reverse or repair the damage that our bodies have in adulthood. The best time to prevent or reverse damage is when our bodies are young and tender – that’s during childhood.

When you maintain a good posture that means your spine has its three normal curves, your bones and joints are in line so that muscles function effectively, and there is little or no stress to the spine’s ligaments. You should have no back or muscle pain, you feel more energetic, and you look better.

This post is intended to inform you of some very effective tips you can use to help you teach your children about the posture they should try to maintain when sitting or standing.

For good posture when sitting, you need to encourage your children to…
  • Keep their backs straight while sitting

  • Press their backs against the backrest of their chairs

  • Place their feet flat on the floor

  • Don’t cross their legs

For good posture when standing you need to encourage your children to…
  • Hold their heads and chins up, and look straight ahead

  • Place their shoulders back

  • Tuck their tummies in

  • Keep their knees straight

  • Inhale deeply and relax their shoulders

  • Keep their chests forward

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