Your Chiropractor vs. Your Sciatica Pain!

What is sciatica?

It’s an extreme form of lower back pain that runs along the sciatic nerve, which starts at the lower back and runs down both legs. The pain can be so terrible that it can cause persons to have to withdraw from taking part in everyday activities.

Do you struggle with pain like this? Are you desperately trying to find a solution? We have a solution!

In a recent study, it has been discovered that an episode of sciatica can be soothed and rehabilitated quickly by chiropractic care.

In the study, 44 workers who for three or more weeks had experienced agonizing sciatica pain were evaluated by the hospital’s chiropractor. The assessments included each patient’s posture and gait, palpation of the lumbar spine, and range of motion.

The patients were treated daily for the first two weeks and then three days per week with different spinal joint adjustments and limb adjustments. There weren’t more than 14 follow-up treatments. This resulted in about 91% of patients returning to their jobs full time in 21 days. Only two patients returned to work part time.

In conclusion, this study goes to show that there are exceptional benefits of chiropractic care to persons who are suffering from sciatica pain. Our chiropractor in Stouffville can treat you now. Call for a consultation so Stouffville Health Centre can begin helping you with your pain relief.
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