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Treating Structures of Poor Health with Chiropractic in Stouffville

Many of the conditions that a chiropractor treats come from the problems associated with subluxation: a minor misalignment of the segment of the spine (vertebrae) causing an irritation to a nerve with a loss of normal function. Subluxation can interrupt communication from the brain to any cell, tissue or organ in the body. When there are blockages along the route from the body to the brain due to structural misalignment, the brain does not receive all of the required information needed to command the body.

Subluxations are caused by any stress (physical, mental or chemical) the person cannot adapt to. Subluxations result in the organ tissues, muscles and more losing their normal function. Subluxations cause a lowered resistance to disease. The purpose of chiropractic is to correct the subluxation and restore proper nerve flow.

Chiropractic Treatment

At the Stouffville Health Centre, we assess each patient and develops a tailored treatment plan for the individual. The method that we use is a non-chemical, non-invasive treatment for correcting disorganization within the central nervous system.

This method encompasses a new and exciting medical development called body integration, which includes increasing the body's energy flow by stimulating acupressure points, reorganizing the nervous system by realigning the body’s structural components, and craniosacral manipulation to relieve pressure on the brain.

Nutrition and Supportive Environment

Accompanying treatment puts an emphasis on nutrition, specific exercises to stimulate brain integration, and the existence of a supportive environment at home and school. We state that after neurological reorganization, the brain can function without interference, allowing many patients to experience rapid and dramatic improvement.

Our expert has travelled North America researching and studying with other colleagues committed to lifestyle enhancements for his patients. Call Stouffville Health Centre to book your appointment with Us today.

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