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What Our Patients Are Saying about Stouffville Health Centre

We at Stouffville Health Centre are proud when our patients take the time to thank us for our chiropractic services in Stouffville. We invite you to read testimonials from our satisfied clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Please call us for an appointment. New patients are welcome.

Spinal Decompression Worked for Me

I have had back problems for about 8 years now, and it limited me because anything I tried to do at home or in my job; the pain was excruciating. It was uncomfortable to do everything: getting dressed, walking the dog, and gardening. I am very active in sports. I golf, snowmobile and ATV, and the pain limited me to the point where I could not do them anymore.

Things have changed since I took the treatments and it is amazing! Within the 4th treatment, there was almost zero pain. I could bend, get dressed, garden and actually started golfing a little bit. I was able to go out on the ATV, do my job at work better and I was more comfortable. By about the 10th session, I was pretty well pain free and now after all the treatments, my back is completely pain free and it has completely changed my life. I am amazed by the results, after all the other types of treatments I went through. Rehabilitation from doctors – nothing treated my pain, and nothing fixed it; and like I said, after the first 4 treatments, my back pain was in an entirely different ball game. I am amazed that it has completely fixed it; there is no pain at all. I feel absolutely perfect again. There is zero pain. Spinal decompression works. It is something that if you have back pain or lower back problems, give it a try. With all the things out there that don’t work, once you tried them you don’t want to go through it anymore, but this treatment actually works! I’m pain free and active again! Spinal decompression works.

Debbie F.

More Energy and Freer Movement

I have more energy, I’m pain free, I’m back to work, and I am doing things I haven’t done in years. Prior to getting this treatment, there were very few things that I could do without experiencing a lot of pain. Since I have had the treatments, I am able to swim, walk for longer periods of time; I can sit for long periods of time, and generally do practically anything that I want! I am just moving very freely compared to prior to the treatments. The treatments are so comfortable that I sometimes fall asleep.

Pam P.

Got My Life Back with Spinal Decompression

I had difficulty getting out of my car, difficulty getting into an upright position, so I was walking stooped over at about a 45% angle and my pain-level was severe. I have had problems with my hips, my right ankle and I was fed up with my re-occurring condition. Even drinking a glass of water was difficult, as my head and shoulders could not move back for such a simple movement. I was very skeptical about spinal decompression and could not believe that I could just have a series of treatments and recover, because I was in such pain and whatever I tried it the past, it did not work, or only worked somewhat, or I did get some relief but the pain came back. I’ve done epidurals, nerve touch, pain killers, and bed rest. Then I hurt my back again, doing something as simple as sweeping the stairs. This pain was the most severe of the three attacks that I have had to date. I started the spinal decompression treatments and just a few weeks later.

I can get up and down, move my shoulders back and do anything at all without pain. Spinal decompression has given me back my life. I really did not believe that it could, but it did, and I was in enough pain that I was willing to try. I am very glad that I did. I remain committed to the physiotherapy stretching exercises that I do to continue to develop my strength and flexibility.

Ev D.

Recovery from Whiplash

I was rear-ended in a car accident and suffered a level 2 whiplash. I was sent for x-rays, went for physiotherapy, and was sent for MRI on my lower back and neck. Then I was referred to two orthopedic surgeons, who both misdiagnosed my condition. With this misinformation, I was put in physiotherapy again and my condition wasn't improving. I heard about spinal decompression treatments and decided to try it. Spinal decompression allowed me to recover to the point that I can actually walk normally again and return to an active lifestyle. I could have saved myself a lot of pain and anguish if I had only learned about this treatment option sooner. I strongly recommend that if you are suffering and need some other options, that spinal decompression could do for you what it has done for me!

John J.

Long-distance truck driver

Relief from Chronic Back Pain

I am grateful that I can express my thanks for your wonderful chiropractic care personally and the 20 treatments on the decompression machine for my chronic back pain. Walking was an extreme difficulty, and when I damaged my sciatic nerve, the pain made sleeping impossible. I have had chiropractic treatments over the years after spinal injuries to the vertebrae which gave me a measure of relief. As years have gone by, my back discomfort increased when walking, sitting or lying in bed. When I damaged the sciatica nerve, pain made moving about very difficult. I saw the Toronto Star advertisement and immediately phoned for an appointment.

I am 89 years of age so I did not expect great relief. I was immediately examined and treated and the decompression machine gave me immediate relief from the pain. I have now had my 20 treatments on the machine and have had amazing relief. I am now going to make arrangements to go back for checkups to maintain the benefits obtained.

Thank you so much Stouffville Health Center, for your amazing care and personal interest in your patients. By the way, we travelled 370 km each trip for treatment and would recommend anyone with vertebrae or nerve pain to use your clinic facilities.

Donald M.

Treatments Helped My Pain and Depression

I would like to begin by thanking you for all you have done for me. I’m 68 years old and have suffered with back pain for 25 – 30 years, and I have seen three different chiropractors in the past 20 years. The pain in my back was so severe it brought me to my knees a few times. Nothing seemed to help. I lived on Tylenol Extra Strength®, Robaxacet®, rubs, heat and ice. Too much Tylenol® was bothering my stomach, which is not good for your liver. In the past three years, I didn’t t see anyone. It got so I was unable to keep up with my vegetable and flower gardens, and vacuuming was murder.

In June 2009, I saw on TV about the DRX9000 treatment. I made a phone call and set up an appointment. After taking X-rays, I learned that three of my lower discs were seizing on one side and inflamed on the other. I also was one inch shorter on one leg and could not bend over to touch my toes. I could only reach just past my knees, have some arthritis in my back, and my whole back was out of alignment. This was the cause of my many problems: dreaming, yelling in the night, not sleeping well, night hot sweats, and I was very depressed.

Now, after 23 DRX 9000 treatments and regular adjustments, I can get out of bed now pain free, I’m sleeping much better, and the night sweats, depression and yelling are gone. Although I still dream a lot, I feel 85% better and am working towards 100%. In what I’ve found, read and experienced myself, I thoroughly recommend these treatments. They have been amazing; my husband is also seeing him for headaches and snoring which are now improving. Thank you for giving me relief after so many years.

K. G.

Restored Feelings of Well-Being

I feel compelled to write and express my “heartfelt thanks” for restoring my feelings of well-being again. While I am now approaching my 79th birthday, I have always been a supporter of chiropractic care having experienced my first successful treatment at 10 years of age in my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. I seemed to have learned to live with a weak back over the years, during which I attended many chiropractors who treated my aches and pain and got me back on my feet and functioning again. Orthotics and sometimes a back brace became a part of my regular gear.

Returning to my recent past, I can say that I have very much enjoyed my retirement years and have been able to lead a fairly active lifestyle playing golf, tennis, curling, swimming, walking, etc. During the last few years, I have slowed down considerably as my age and weakening back seemed to be catching up with me. I found it increasingly necessary to take Tylenol® 3's, extra-strength Motrin®, etc. to get through a golf game or social outing.

In 2003, following a CAT scan, the medical specialist advised me that I was showing early signs of spinal stenosis. When attending my annual medical with my family doctor last October, he prescribed an arthritic pill and advised me that my increasing back pain would be with me for “the rest of my days.” I continued to be optimistic that “painkiller pills” would allow me to continue a reasonably active lifestyle. However, by late November, I was experiencing other physical difficulties and my optimism was rapidly fading. I was worried that my wife and I would have to cancel our planned winter vacation. However, as fate and luck would have it, my wife noticed an ad in the Toronto Star entitled “DRX 9000 System Seminar – A safe, non-surgical procedure for the treatment of severe back and neck pain associated with herniated or degenerative discs” etc. being presented by Stouffville Health Center.
The rest of the story is magical history for me personally. We attended the seminar after which I had an appointment for a comprehensive assessment on the morning of December 4th. Having decided that I was a good candidate for this new "space age” technology treatment – I had my first treatment (of a series of 20) that same afternoon.

At this point, the following problems were present:

  • Chronic lower back pain no matter what position I was in
  • Difficulty in getting to sleep at night
  • Walked with a significant limp
  • Unable to walk any distance, and periodic numbness and weakness in my right leg/foot which hampered my ability to apply the brake when driving my car

Having completed the 20 treatments on the DRX 9000 machine, supplemented by therapy – before and after each treatment, I can say without reservation that I have enjoyed significant improvement in all areas. (Some days I am virtually pain free.) I have always believed that there are many, many people disabled by pain or other discomfort forcing them to lead a "couch potato‟ type of existence simply because they cannot find the right care giver. I feel that I am one of the lucky ones! I found this clinic and for that I’ll always be eternally grateful. It is impossible to find the words to properly express my “good fortune”!


Jim W.

P.S. We are off to Florida in a few days! I don’t think it will be necessary for me to take any medication with me.

Straight Spine and Posture


It has been a while since I have talked with you. As a matter of fact, I really can’t remember when I finished my treatments with you, but I do know it’s been at least three years. I just thought I would update my status with you. Simply put, I’m feeling great; my low back has not given me any grief other than some stiffness every once and awhile. The pains I have suffered over the years dating back to my teen years are gone. My spine and posture are remaining correct and straight to this day. I have recommended you to my friends and will continue to do so. I believe the extra you put into every patient on top of what the DRX does makes all the difference in the world.

Thanking you for you exceptional work and dedication!

-Tom W.

King City, Ontario

Stouffville Health Centre

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